LATKids Launches New Programs

LATKids has revamped its popular “Verbal Behavior Technique.” This simple image matching game has been downloaded thousands of times since its introduction in 2005. Director Bob Crisler has watched its popularity grow. “It’s a simple program, but it’s been one of our most popular downloads. People from across the country and around the world have downloaded it, and the feedback we get is very complimentary.”

As more people have used it, the requests for improvements have included making on online version, tracking students’ progress, and allowing users to upload their own images.

All of those new features have been added, and LATKids is proud to announce the release of the new version, renamed MatchUp!.

We’re also announcing the release of a new program developed in conjunction with TEAAM - Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi - called In Other Words.

This program, designed for young people and adults with autism, teaches “idioms,” commonly known as “figures of speech.” As our partners at TEAAM explained, most people use dozens of idioms in conversations every day, and mostly without realizing it. When we say “She really hit the nail on the head,” or “He has a chip on his shoulder,” we’re using idioms.

But many people with autism don’t understand what we mean, and while they stop and try to figure it out, we keep on talking; thus the disconnect we sometimes see when talking to people autism.

In Other Words seeks to help people with autism learn and remember idioms by using illustrations and a simple multiple-choice quiz format. Currently there are almost two dozen idioms in the program, with hundreds more in the works.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that all of our online programs will from now own be managed through a single user account system. Your children and students won’t need to create an account for each program, or keep up with multiple user names and passwords. Create one account, and use all of our programs. As always, your account is free, and very easy to create. Simply visit our registration page, then go to our login page to choose the program you’d like to use.

“Our motto is ‘results matter,’” says LATKids Director Bob Crisler. “LATKids’ mission has always been to make effective, real-world programs available to anyone who needs them, at no charge. We hope you enjoy these latest offerings, and that we can keep helping this great community of which we’ve been allowed to be a part.”

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