University Medical Center (Jackson, Ms)

Most families with disabled children have become accustomed to a revolving-door of disability professionals. The Project seeks to address this problem by establishing longer-term relationships between families and therapists. In addition to therapists, PhD candidates will be documenting and analyzing the Project’s work, and providing quantitative data on its approaches and successes. Their data will be available on the project’s web site.

Presently, the Project is working with students in the Children’s Hospital School Program at the Blair Batson Children’s Hospital. Our involvement focuses on giving children access to computer technology via alternative means, depending on their individual condition and needs, and we work closely with a multi-disciplinary team of medical doctors, developmental therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. The Project shares with teachers its expertise in assisting children to advance academically.  It has become apparent that we are a positive aspect to their program.

On November 6, 2005, LifeShare Assistive Technology and The University of Mississippi Medical Center Children’s Rehabilitation Center began a joint Assistive Technology Clinic.  Early results have been encouraging and we have been invited to speak as part of the 2007 Dean’s Lecture Series to all of UMC’s faculty, as well as its entire School of Dentistry.

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