The Power of “One”

Claire Myers lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi with her parents and her cat Tosca. She is a student at Ridgeland High School where Art is one of her favorite classes.

Claire likes to travel, especially to cities with theme parks. This adventuresome spirit has also enabled Claire to help others by demonstrating her painting technique to area art classes and mentoring students in her district’s elementary and middle schools.

As an artist painting with acrylics, Claire Myers work has been exhibited at the Federal Express World Headquarters in Memphis Tennessee, the State Capitol of Mississippi and Methodist Rehabilitation Center, Jackson Mississippi.  Claire learned through the A.R.T. program based in Princeton New Jersey and continues painting with other artists participating in the Express Yourself Grant funded by the Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Claire is a charter member of Camp Jabber Jaw at Mississippi State University. Camp Jabber Jaw is an annual camp for augmentative communication device users held annually on the MSU campus.

Claire works part-time at The LifeShare Foundation in Jackson, Mississippi, assisting in software development by testing prototypes and interface options.

Claire paints with the help of a “tracker.” She makes all the decisions about her paintings by using a “yes” or “no” system. She raises her head up for yes, and down for no. The tracker follows her directions. She tell the tracker what size she wants the canvas.

The tracker shows her a palette of colors, and points to each one. She chooses the colors she wants to use. The shades are mixed to her specifications. For this painting, she chose red for the background color.

Claire directs the tracker on how to paint the background. She sometimes use a laser pointer to assist her in painting. The laser is attached to a headband.

After choosing the next color, she uses the laser to create lines on the canvas. As she draws the design, the tracker follows the laser using a paint brush. The tracker will reposition the canvas if needed.

This is her finished painting. Claire used her Pathfinder™ communication device to title her painting. She calls it “One.”

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