A Midsummer's Night Out

In July we hosted an event we called "A Midsummer's Night Out". We invited children from around the state who use synthetic speech devices to speak for them. We staged an adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" complete with period costumes. In addition, we met with each family individually to determine what we need to do to assist them further in their home and school setting. When we broke camp the next day, we had our marching orders. Our goal was to have our campers begin school with some new tools and momentum. Our other objective was to strengthen our community of users of these assistive technologies by hosting an event of this sort. I think we met those objectives.

You can download our adapted script for your use by clicking here.

You can find similar costumes at many online costume stores.

Here, Bob directs rehearsal:

Hannah "backstage" getting ready for the performance:

Trading Spaces designer Laurie Smith dropped by and posed for pictures with Andy and Anna: