LATKids: A Vision of Hope

At LATKids, we believe the hardest job in the world is being the parent of a disabled child.

Our mission is to find kids in Mississippi who need our help, develop and adapt assistive technology for them, then make available - to everyone, no matter where they - the things we've learned and the products we've developed. Everything we've created is here on this site, and it's available for download at no charge. That's right - it's all free!

Our video showing some of the work we do here at LATKids is finished, and you can watch it online. Take ten minutes and meet LATKids director Bob Crisler, and some of the kids, parents, and teachers we work with, and get a look at some of the technologies we're exploring.

Our thanks go out to the good folks from the Madison County School District for taking time out of their schedules to talk to us on camera about how LATKids is changing the lives of children in Mississippi.